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Pro-hair Lotion

The Atui Pro-hair Lotion was developed from plant extracts of the Brazilian biome which contain a group of natural active components that fortify the action of hair bulbs and increase the vitality of the hair while reinvigorating hair and epitelial cells. This leads to stronger and more resistant hair, with lesser loss and greater hair volume.


Anti-Loss Shampoo

Atui Loção Pró Capilar foi desenvolvida a partir de um extrato de planta do bioma brasileiro que contém um conjunto de ativos naturais que fortifica a ação dos bulbos capilares, aumenta a vitalidade dos fios e revigora as células capilares e epiteliais, deixando seus cabelos mais fortes e resistentes, com mais volume e diminuindo a queda capilar.


Anti-Loss Shampoo

Atui Shampoo was specially developed with ingredients soft to the hair roots, cleansing them and leaving them with a plaisant fresh and pure sensation, while tonifying your hair.
The balanced formula with the addition of the same natural extract of the Atui Pro-hair Lotion acts directly strengthening the hair and leading to greater hair volume.


Anti-Loss Conditioner

tui Conditioner was specially developed with ingredientes that promote strong hair conditioning, easing knots while strengthening the hair. This will lead to stronger, softer, shinier and easier to brush hair.

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