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This is a story of a family and a company, but we will focus on two brothers more directly involved in the development of Atui.

Franklin, a practising lawyer, has always had the study of the our bioma and even more, flora, as a passion, which became a hobby and almost and obsession. His studies and knowledge reached a level in which the family believes he has contributed greatly to the after life of his sister that suffers from cancer. This passion is easily confirmed visiting him at home where one would find shelves filled with jars with plants, seeds, powders, roots, ...,of all sorts of nature.

While still young Franklin was faced with a problem which terrorized him: his hair started falling very rapidly. It was at this point that he decided to focus his passion for natural properties of natural products towards his head. He eventually came to the plant that bases our product.

This was the moment that his brother, Ytaboray, comes into the picture. As Franklin, Ytaboray is very dedicated towards his profession but nurtures a hobby very different to this. He is a very competent chiropractor who has a curios passion for processes. He therefore developed the means for his brother to use his plant on his hair.

Their passion and dedication lead to knowledge that could grant them the status of experts but they knew they had to bring in the “academics”. Ytaboray counted with the help of Dr. Neyde Murakamy Iha, Chemistry PHD from USP (University of São Paulo) to reach a more adequate formulation.

Having achieved great results in his “personal study” Franklin felt it was time to migrate from his “hopeful findings” to a more structured treatment approach. He started treatment and a case study with Dr. Bertha Tamura, a well reputed Brazilian dermatologist. Dr. Tamura treated Franklin for 18 months and this documentation and consequent effective treatment lead Atui to be granted patent in the USA and later an international patent.

This is when the chance to create a true product that could be commercialized to benefit thousands of people with the same affliction was envisioned.

Time to bring product / brand management into place. Jorge Akira, ex-Roche, Novartis and Allergan executive, highly specialised in dermatology, steps in. Marcelo M. Borges, ex-AstraZeneca and Novartis executive, and ex-general manager Brazil and regional director Latam for Danone, steps in as well as does his former Danone CFO, Edson Ikeda.

From this point on the product receives the treatment of a brand intended to be used by a much larger universe of people.

The first step was to develop further our formulation to enable long lasting treatments, adding to the lotion the shampoo and conditioner, intended not only to decrease hair loss and increase growth, but to also focus on other hair necessities (termos em inglês). To do this Alberto Kurebayashi, former president and counsellor of the Brazilian Cosmetology Association and actual president of Protocolo Consultoria, comes aboard.

Ready to market! Not quite. Although Franklin and other volunteers’ findings where fantastic we needed formal clinical studies to prove our claims. We also needed safety / toxicological data to support a product intended for long term usage.

We thus took the product to Medcin, one of the most reputed clinical study centres for dermatological and cosmetic products in Brazil. Studies were headed by Dr. Flavia Addor with over 80 patients and the outstanding results were observed, which can be seen in our site.

Ready to market! One last step. The necessity would now be to produce Atui in large scale. For this sake we count on planting/extraction from the region of Sorocaba (SP), with the extract production in Mapric Greentech, a Franco-Brazilian company specialised in the extraction and development of bioactive elements and finally with the industrialization held in Biosphere, specialised in the production of cosmetics.

Franklin has androgenetic alopecia. His calvary was absolute. At the age of 30 he already did not have any hair on his head. Dr. Bertha explained that based on actual science, before our Atui innovation, no hair whatsoever would grow on his hair since it was thought that the hair bulbs no longer responded to treatment. Contradicting actual knowledge, the usage of Atui enabled the appearance of “new hair”.

Franklin still has little hair, but he would have none without Atui. As per his own testimonial, “I apply Atui Lotion as I get up in the morning and reapply after bath, at night. During my treatment I had a normal life, even naturally exposing myself to sun without any problem or irritation. In two years time I recuperated nearly 10 years of hair loss. If at the time of greater hair loss Atui existed, I would not be bald today”.

It is easy to say that it is not curious that most of us in the group mentioned above suffer from a similar problem so we work this product with special dedication.

Our mission has therefore become to benefit as many people as possible, still in time. This is Franklin and Itaboray’s dream.

We are therefore a Brazilian start-up that converges nature and high technology to an effective product range. We rely on professional and academic expertise in all stages of our development and production. We hope that with this drive, seriousness and dedication we can live up to the trust of all that seek to fight against this destiny. We are completely at your disposal!


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